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6 QT Energy Saving Pot with Non stick Features

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You might not have an Italian nonna to simmer a ragu for you all day long, but having a Energy Saving Pot means you’re equipped to still whip up a delicious Sunday sauce. 


If you’ve never made risotto before, the thought could be intimidating. But trust me — the Energy Saving Pot will give you all the courage you need. 


Like soup, simmer is another great fit for the Energy Saving Pot.                                                                              


Your Energy Saving Pot not only roasts the cake well, but it also roasts the sides at the same time.

What is energy-saving pot

🍛 Designed With Your Safety in Mind

                       Low Pressure Cooking System is designed with safety in mind. The triple safety system utilizes safety valves to control the low pressure cooker’s internal pressure and a fail-safe system to ensure proper closure of the lid. The tempered glass window in the lid lets you monitor the food as it cooks without lifting the lid and stopping the cooking process. It can be used to cook anything normally cooked on the stove in less time.

🍝 Energy Efficient Meals

                              Low pressure cooker is constructed from Stone-Derived Coating and high-quality aluminum. The aluminum body of the low pressure cooker heats rapidly and evenly allowing you to turn down the heat sooner, and cook at lower temperatures in less time.Low pressure cookers uses less energy compared to conventional cooking. Low-pressure cooking preserves nutrients and flavors otherwise lost in conventional cooking processes, which is the perfect choose to your family.

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DETAILS & MATERIALS               

     Material: aluminum, stainless steel, glass, PH 

     Dimensions: height 16 x Ø 24 cm

     Includes: 6 Qt Energy Saving Pot X 1, Energy Saving Pot Recipe Book X 1.


Cooking Tips for Low Pressure Cooker:Always use a liquid that gives off steam when boiled, water, stock, wine, beer, cider, or milk. The minimum quantity of liquid required for normal cooking is 8 ounces(250ml) for the first 1/3 hour of cooking. For each additional 1/3 hour, or portion thereof, add another 4 ounces (600ml) of liquid. For example, 45 minutes cooking requires 16 ounces (600ml) of liquid. However, some foods such as dried beans and steamed puddings may require extra water. 

When pre-steaming foods before pressure-cooking:1. Never cook dumplings with the lid tightly closed, as they could rise and block the safety devices. Cook them at the end of meal preparation without the lid on.2. The Low Pressure cooking times vary according to the size or thickness of the food not the weight.

Notes: The saucepan is suitable for cooking food without excess pressure (max. 0.04 bar).


     Free Shipping, Free Returns, & 30 Day Trial.

        Low-pressure cooking is an ideal choice when making family dinners. This generous 6-quart cooker reduces cooking time over a conventional covered pot--water boils at a higher temperature under pressure, thus speeding up the cooking process. Plus, bathing food in steam seals in flavor and nutrients that are typically boiled out on the stovetop.Not just fast, it's convenient. Forget about long waits for pressure to drop before you can check on your food. You can open the locking lid at any time during the process--so it's easy to check on your potatoes, add ingredients, stir, or adjust seasonings. That's the kind of control every chef needs. You can even cook delicate fish dishes--unlike with an expensive electric high-pressure cooker. Advanced non-stick technology makes cleanup a breeze.From holiday feasts to quick-and-easy suppers, Shineuri Innovative new cooker is the tool every home chef needs.

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does one lock button have to be looser than the other? 

Both locking heads must be rotatable tight. 

Q: Is this pot suitable for induction?

Yes. It is suitable for all stovetops. (Works on gas, electric, induction, and ceramic glass.)

Q: Is the inside of the pot ceramic-coated? Thank you!

Yes. This pot is pot is coated with stone derived non stick coating.

Q: Does it come with recipe book and how do I get it?

Yes. It does and we will send the E-recipe books to your registered email directly.

Q: Please give me the dimensions of the energy pot. And the floor thickness.

Diameter is 26 cm Height is 17 cm Floor thickness 0.5 cm

Q: What are the advantages of a Energy Saving cooker?

1. It cooks food much faster.

2. It saves energy.

3. It retains more nutrients.

4. It can be used at any altitude.

Q: Is pressure cooking bad for health?

The answer is no. And that's because in both places, you cooked the roast until it was done and no longer. ... The fact is that the science shows pressure cooking is healthy, that it can preserve more heat-sensitive nutrients than any other cooking method because of its shorter cook times.

Q: Does pressure cooking taste better?

Pressure cooking maintains flavour because it cooks the food quicker - increasing the pressure increases the temperature the food is cooked at, and can reduce cooking time to 25-30% of the 'standard recipe'. It is a very efficient and effective way of cooking.